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Due to CaCO3 being the highest % Calcium per weight of any ingredient, it is preferentially used in vitamins to keep pill sizes small. Any Calcium Plus D based vitamin, multi-vitamin, antacid, or Osteoporosis product uses high volumes of Calcium Carbonate. Some of the ingredients that also go into these sample applications is the Stearates which are used for tablet press lubrication in these products, and Maltodextrin as the starch for compression, and Acacia Gum as the normal binder. You may come across requests for Directly Compressible or DC Calcium Carbonate, we can also offer DC grade, but requirement, pricing, and specifications are different for each company.

Baking (Technical Bulletin Available):

CaCO3 is used in baking to both add Calcium for a label claim as in Wonder Bread, and also extend shelf life as the CaCO3 will preferentially absorb moisture before the proteins and keep the proteins from denaturing causing the hardening process of being stale. This is one of the more technically challenging markets to get the percentages perfect in a product so we have created the Baking Application Guide to be that push a company may need to start a trial. We can tailor usage guidance for any application as needed.

Cereal/Chewing Gum/Anything Extruded:

Foods that are extruded use CaCO3 just like the plastic industry does to lubricate the process and being able to run their equipment faster and cleaner. For flat foods like chewing gum and other candies the powder carbonate stays on the outer surface and keeps the wrapper from sticking to the product. In cereal and other loop type foods, the CaCO3 gets rolled to the center of the loop so it gets 100% incorporated. This is big business for us with the national companies, but there are a lot of regional/smaller companies that make products under store brands that use this same process.

Animal Foods/Agriculture:

Used for fortifying any dry animal feed, most commonly dog and cat food. Not all will use a proper food grade as some still use industrial grades in pet food. We offer a notable advantage here of being the only  Calcium Carbonate on the market that has been certified as acceptable for use in organic production in accordance with the USDA National Organic Standards

Also, for soil remediation, CaCO3 is an excellent all-natural acid neutralizer. Used by every mushroom grower, and in a lot of the farm soil treatment products on the east coast due to acidic conditions.