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At Essential Minerals we offer multiple product grades available to the food and pharmaceutical industries.  Our PureCal product line offers organically certified material which is high in purity, ultra low in trace metals, including lead levels as low as .125 ppm max, with all products are available in multiple sizes.

Our PureCal® USP line is an ideal Calcium source for your pharmaceutical applications such as natural Calcium supplement, osteoporosis treatments, tablet buffering, antacids, as well as a flow aide. We offer sizes from 4 to 20 microns, very high purity, and ultra-low metals.

Our PureCal® food grade line is  specifically designed to fortify the content of foods and beverages.  We offer sizes from 4 to 20 microns, with high purity and ultra-low metals.  

Applications for this  product can range from use in baked goods, cereal, bread, powdered mix beverages, as well as meal replacement bars.

Feel free to review the product specification and contact us with your specific needs. We can create customer specification to meet your exact need as well.


PureCal® Baking

PureCal® Cereal

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PureCal® USP

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